NOTE:  I take on a limited number of clients per month to ensure each project get optimal attention. I believe in providing every client with a unique brand experience that reflect to their business vibe + values. 



Upon design approval, I will finalize your new brand designs and you'll receive all final files to successfully launch your brand or project and share it with the world. Now let's pop open a La Croix to celebrate your launch!
 As a current or previous client, I will now be able to offer you ongoing design support for future projects utilizing your new brand.



Once the brand design is completed, it will be presented to you in PDF form for your review. It will include examples to help you see your brand come to life and to also reveal it's flexibility. Together, we'll walk through each intentionally crafted element to select and refine them until it captures your true business vibe.



Next, I'll solidify your brand vibe via a moodboard. This will serve as a guide as I begin to chart out the creative direction and the design of your various brand elements. You will also be able to reference this board to stay aligned and cohesive with your brand going forward. 



The pathway to intentional brand design includes a deep dive into your business + vision to surface all the feels (mood, message, and core values) you want your brand to evoke. Through this exercise, we'll get clear on who your dream client or customers are and then discover how we can cultivate a euphoric connection with them through your visual brand otherwise known as 'the vibe'.

Beneath every amazing brand is a solid creative process. I've worked hard over time to refine this process to make for a fun and insightful brand journey with clients to create truly unique an stylish brands. If you'd like to work together, the best way to get started is to fill out our brief contact form. In an initial consult, we'll discuss your business, vision, brand goals, scope initiatives, timeline and I'll answer any questions you may have.  If I feel we are a good fit, I'll send over the contract + invoice for the deposit. Once both are completed, our brand journey officially begins! We'll work 1 on 1 on the design process each step of the way.

Although each project may vary a little considering the client's project scope, below is an idea of what to expect after the completion the initial steps mentioned above:

"A solid brand design process is the essential difference between basic + intentionally bold branding. It is imperative to surface a brand's identity + emotion in order to evoke a truly unique energy and experience."


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